29/05/2018 04:59 BST | Updated 29/05/2018 05:02 BST

Doctor To Model: 'Gain Weight Or Your Organs Might Start Failing'

'I was miserable – always cold, lifeless, and struggled to get through the day. I survived on salads and black coffee...'


It took a doctor telling Australian model Annaliese Gann that she needed to gain weight or risk her organs failing to turn her life around.

"I was at the most unhealthy moment in my life. I went to see a doctor, and she told me if I didn't put on weight now, my internal system may start failing," the 22-year-old recently revealed on Instagram.

"I was miserable — always cold, lifeless, and struggled to get through the day. I survived on salads and black coffee... I was at the unhealthiest moment in my life."

After the doctor's visit, the now proudly curvy model began her journey to recovery. And this started by embracing her bigger frame "for what it is".

In another post, she acknowledges that she is not naturally thin, and upon accepting this, she started living life in her true self. "I am at my natural size. I am truly myself; the healthiest and happiest I've ever been."

Gann's journey mirrors that of local body activist and curvy model, Marciel Hopkins. "There's no shame in putting on weight, if your body wants to be healthy in a different size than you were forcing it to be," she previously told HuffPost.

The Miss SA 2016 finalist lost 14kg in four months to participate in the pageant. Like Gann, she trained two to three hours every day — so hard that her monthly period stopped. She would have baby apples for dinner — but all that's since changed.

"Healthy looks different on every body," she recently wrote on Instagram.

We all look back at pictures of a different stage in our life and think: "If only I can look like that again." We all keep that specific dress or jeans in our cupboard for when it fits us again. We have babies, move countries and we mature along the way and still we expect our bodies to look like "on my wedding day." Living in the past will never help you to accept your body in the now, so you might as well stop today! Throw out the dress of 10 years ago and stop longing to look the way you did in your pictures of the past. Your body is not meant to look the same throughout your entire life, but unfortunately society communicates to us to that women must always be "in their best shape." So if hating yourself hasn't worked up until now, it's time to try something new. Remember: Healthy looks different on every body! What might look like "healthy" on the picture on the left, was me being obsessed with healthy eating and training 2 to 3 hours a day. I was constantly anxious about what and when I am going to eat. Nothing in that picture reminds me of any form of self love, because I constantly compared myself to an unrealistic beauty goal, forgetting to see my own unique beauty in the process. Don't miss out on one more day of your life, because of the idea you have of your "perfect body." There is no such thing as the perfect body. Accept your body as a vehicle to greatness and not an object to be punished. Bodies should be celebrated every hour of every day! 🎊🥂😍❤️😘 #selflove #bodyacceptance #bodycelebration #bodytransformation #bodypositive #healthnotsize #inshapemyshape #unrealisticbeautygoals #livinginthepast #embracingthenow #beautybeyondsize #everybodyisbeautiful

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Hopkins' most helpful tools to self-love and acceptance? Not comparing yourself or your body to other people's — especially supermodels — and not obsessing over the scale.