body positivity

If you want to find peace with your body, this is the year-round guide you need.
"The people that this term was created for are not benefiting from it," the Juice singer explained.
Diet culture creates a toxic relationship with food and exercise. This advice can help you break free from it all.
From a young age, I was aware that there were some of us who had long, lean, desirable limbs, and some of us who did not.
"All hands are good hands" is the call for finger representation we never knew we needed.
The actor has spoken about dealing with her yo-yoing weight in an age of "body positivity".
10 people diagnosed with cancer share their body confidence tips as part of Teenage Cancer Trust’s #StillMe campaign,
The actress celebrated her body confidence with a fiery, no-makeup beach pic.
"I used to hide so many photos because of muffin tops and imperfections."
It was never about the hair itself, but rather, it was about being accepted and valued.