10/07/2018 14:00 BST | Updated 10/07/2018 14:00 BST

Cow Appreciation Day: Five Reasons Why SA Loves Cows 🐄 🇿🇦

Look away vegans

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If you probably didn't know, we Earthlings have World International Days for basically anything and everything. July the 10th is celebrated as World Cow Appreciation Day.

Now as the self-explanatory day describes itself, we decided to take a South African twist to it, and here are five reasons why South Africans appreciate cows.

1. Shisanyama

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Our beloved shisanyama, also known as braai, is arguably South Africa's favourite food and social event, where meat, beers and socializing bring people together. Which begs the question? What would our shisanyama's be without cows?

2. Dairy products

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From chocolates to cheese to milkshakes and everything dairy thing you can think about, most of our deserty and milky treats wouldn't be indulged if it weren't for our cows. Except for the lactose intolerant, there is more that the cows give us to enjoy besides the beef.

3. Lobola

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One of the reasons why cultural practices are so important and the reason why the lobola negotiations are taken so seriously in African practices is that of the cows. There is a saying in isiZulu that goes: "ubuhle bendoda ku senkomeni zakhe", which translates to the beauty and wealth of a man is in his cows.

4. Wealth

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When slaughtering a cow, it is an invitation to the community that it is time to celebrate and feast. Having a lot of cows is also a sign of wealth and a price for a cow can go for thousands. That in itself shows the value of a cow in SA.

5. Beef

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From burgers to steaks to everything meaty. Arguably the reason why most meat lovers love cows is beef and the meat that comes with it.

Happy World Cow Appreciation Day!