11/07/2018 22:25 BST | Updated 12/07/2018 09:09 BST

England V Croatia: 45 Tweets Capturing The Heartbreak Of England's World Cup Exit

It's been emotional.

So, in the event, it’s not coming home after all.

Ushering in more years of hurt, England lost in the World Cup semi-final 2-1 to Croatia during a dramatic, gripping, hair-tearing-out 120 minutes of football.

Yet in contrast to the anger that typically greets the English national team’s departure from a major tournament, the country appears to have embraced the young side in unprecedented fashion.

If you can bear it, here’s how the game played on social media.

Before the game, nerves in the tunnel and a nation united if a bit tense. 

It didn’t take long for England to take the lead with a stunning Trippier free-kick.

Oh man, Hyde Park.

Time for some proper analysis.


Maybe the real World Cup was the friends we made along the way.

And over to the Bish.

Kane misses, proving he’s human.

And the Jordan Pickford love-in continues as he produces more wonder saves. 

And more new heroes.

A sweaty second half sees raid-after-raid on the England goal. Kyle Walker putting everything on the line.

And then - oh bollocks - Croatia equalise.

That man Pickford again.

Extra-time. Breathe.

Pickford guarantees his knighthood with a vital save before the end of the first period.

Oh no ... Mario Mandzukic scores.


And, in time, the dream was over.

And the It’s Coming Home boys?

See you at the Euros ...