15/07/2018 08:30 BST | Updated 15/07/2018 08:32 BST

Hermanus Unrest Continues

Community leaders stayed clear of the fray and were seen discussing possible solutions to the violence with the police.

RODGER BOSCH/ Getty Images
A South African Police armoured vehicle drives down a road dispersing protesters during clashes with police calling for the release of one of their colleagues, who was arrested for inciting violence, on July 13, 2018, in Hemanus.

Ongoing protests in Hermanus appears to be continuing unabated after over 100 protestors moved from Zwelilhle to Malva Street in Mount Pleasant on Saturday.

According to police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk between 100 and 200 protesters took to the streets. He said that thus far, a total of 42 arrests were made since Wednesday.

"The situation is very volatile and is still being monitored. Police and other law enforcement agencies will remain in the area until law and order is restored. We appeal to those participating in the protest to do so within the ambit of the law," he said.

Van Wyk said police had to disperse a group of protesters on Friday afternoon.

"No protesters were injured during the incident. An injured SAPS member received treatment and was discharged later."

On Thursday, rocks were thrown while police attempted to address the crowd and police retaliated by firing rubber bullets and teargas at the crowd that had gathered in the main road.

They made several arrests.

Community leaders stayed clear of the fray and were seen discussing possible solutions to the violence with the police.

Zwelihle Renewal spokesperson Theron Mqu had called a meeting with all community leaders at a local taxi rank to decide the way forward.

The situation remained calm during their absence.A cloud of smoke could be seen hovering over the community for the remainder of Thursday, with Nyalas and armed police officers keeping a watch over residents from a distance.

Mqu said residents were no longer protesting about land. Instead, their intention was to demand that Zwelihle Renewal's Gcobani Ndzongana be released from police custody.

He said the unrest flared up on Tuesday night after a memorandum was handed over to the police to demand with the withdrawal of charges against Ndzongana.

It was unclear what charges were laid against Ndzongana, but Mqu suspected that they could include incitement of violence and destruction of property.