24/02/2014 08:19 GMT | Updated 25/04/2014 06:59 BST

I Once Went Into a Pub Loo...

I once went into a pub loo and they were playing a live recording of a Billy Connolly gig over head in the speakers. This was totally separate to the music that was played upstairs. I came away thinking I had dreamt it up or had some sort of Scottish comedy stoke.

But it got me thinking. There are lots of times in life where comedy could really brighten stuff up. Peeing is one of them. We all have to do it and to be honest it could be dragging you away from a great night or pub quiz during the picture round so why make it dull?

How much time have you spent in your lifetime waiting for bus? Sat on a train that is stuck in between stations? You may have to think of this in terms of pre 1995 as you will as just say but I've got Flappy Dappy Fish Food Crush Sag App 3 on my phone so I'm fine.

But it's these type of moments where comedy could really work. You may only be in that moment for a few minutes maybe even less. Billy Connolly was probably not the right choice for this as his long drawn out rambling mumbles of stories don't really fit into a quick pee break do they. Although they are great and I would recommend putting down the flappy fish in exchange for an audio recording of his gigs. The London to Plymouth train never went by so quickly.

If you are a commuter you will have encountered a busker or two no doubt. But what you normally hear as you briskly walk past is a stolen moment from an off kilter self written afro-jazz ditty or two lines from Stevie Wonder's ''superstition'' #TUNE. But what would be better could be a comedian. In the flesh or even recorded like those toilets I visited. Someone who can deliver a short story in four lines or just straight up one liners would be perfect.

Commuting in particular is boring and dull. Peeing often tense, awkward and also dull. Get some smiles on our faces TFL. Make us laugh. Make us nicer. Comedy on the tube? Loo laughs? It's the urban future! Get involved and lets brighten up urine.