Experts explain what might be causing bathroom trips at night and when you should be concerned.
Nitrogen trichloride, also known as trichloramine, is made when the urea in your pee reacts with chlorine - the disinfectant widely used in swimming pool water. Nitrogen trichloride is largely made by accident in pools these days, but this compound was originally made for interest in 1812 by Pierre Louis DuLong.
We’re all guilty of holding in wee every now and then. But could holding in a full bladder be ruining your health? It depends
It is uncommon for most young women with an overactive bladder (OAB) to need further tests. It is also important to remember that many treatments have side effects, so specialist advice is recommended in a select few women. Lifestyle changes and bladder retraining should be the first line of treatment as with the right advice, women can get control back over their lives.
There are two types of people in this world: those who pee in the shower and those who don't. Or, as one reddit user quite
Residents of Hamburg's red-light and nightclub district St. Pauli will get a shock if they decide to spend a penny in public
Men may stand up as they urinate, a German court has ruled. The case came after a landlord attempted to retain part of his
So last night my girlfriend and I got stinkingly pissed. We came home and passed out on the bed. I woke up three hours later and went to the toilet. As I stood up urinating I started feeling dizzy and like I was gonna pass out. I knew I was blacking out and needed to get myself to the ground but was still pissing and didn't want to get piss everywhere.
You might already feel guilty just for getting pregnant if you're not married and you've been brought up by that type of family. Or for ditching your work without an adequate handover when you bugger off for maternity leave (because who cares when your pelvis is falling apart and you can't pull your pants up properly).