05/03/2015 09:22 GMT | Updated 04/05/2015 06:59 BST

Seeking Connection Not Collection: Why I Invited My List to Unsubscribe

Yes You Read that Right!

Don't worry I'm not committing professional suicide but in fact am making the boldest movement I've ever made in the course of my business.

A change is coming.

I'm done with the limitations, the fear based marketing and in an online coaching world, it is so easy to feel ashamed for not charging thousands for your services. I even tried it once, drawn in to the "charge your worth" but felt deep unease coupled with a knowing that it was just plain wrong for me.

Who knows, maybe one day soon I'll be inundated with my work, my own TV show, jetting off around the world helping people to bounce back, that I'll need to value my work more with a financial representation.

But right now?

My desire is to reach as many people as possible. And I know exactly what it's like to want help but unable to invest thousands.

Here's What Entrepreneurs are Hearing

If you don't use WordPress; you're not professional enough.

If you don't have a brilliant giveaway, you'll never grow your list.

If you don't email your list weekly, you'll never make a sale.

If you don't make YouTube videos you'll never be seen as successful.

If you don't charge a fortune, you'll never be seen as the expert.

Time and time again, we are being bombarded with judgement, hooked into a fear and broken down as a basic human being.

What Do You Stand For?

Well I stand for truth, deep personal truth and I love nothing more than to assist you to that place of realisation, of finding your voice, of owning your worth.

I stand for purpose and passion, even if you don't know what yours is yet, I love to witness as yours unfolds as you engage in this thing called life.

I stand for the vulnerable and the rawness of authenticity. It is a gift I hold dear to help you harness the power of resilience so you can bounce back in life and business.

Let's Make this Simple

If you're a coach, then coach.

If you're a writer, then write.

If you're a speaker then speak.

What I've come to realise is that we're craving connection, something deep and meaningful and I don't want your email to be just another number on my list.