Entrepreneurs told HuffPost UK they felt excluded from the government support offered at the outbreak of the coronavirus lockdown.
Develop your resilience as a business owner by refusing to be afraid and trying new things.
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Love it or hate it, networking is a skill every woman in business needs to master
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'The integration of man and machine in the workplace started by decreasing human labour, and eventually human labour will be replaced entirely.'
'This won’t just make things better for a few isolated players in the local tech sector, but for South Africa as a whole.'
'This is what Africa needs. Companies who will create jobs and grow and build up the continent.'
Government is never an efficient way to build an economy or achieve an objective.
'It is clear that Africa is ready to start being a key player in the digital revolution and to shake things up.'
'For brand activation to work effectively, it must be part of a larger marketing strategy with efficient planning.'