06/02/2014 07:54 GMT | Updated 07/04/2014 06:59 BST

Citizen's Charter for Ukip

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten demands that the UK Muslims must sign a code of conduct to show that they reject violence and agree that parts of the Qu'ran should be 'deferred or suspended'. He also warns of an explosion of mosques across Europe. His ignorance about Islam and the Muslims baggers belief and his desire to seek publicity as he seeks to become a UKIM MEP is sickening. No one should ever vote his party!

You have to be absolutely barking mad to suggest that all Muslims should sign such a charter! It is like asking every Christian to sign a charter that proves that they reject hate. Of course every Christian, Muslim, Jew and people of all faith and no faith believe in love and peace. They all reject hate and violence. What is next? Ask all the Muslims to wear a band around their hands saying, "I am a Muslim and I love peace" or I am a Muslim and I reject violence"!

Gerard Batten has insulted all civilized people by insinuating that all Muslims are violent. His language represents the language of people who hate Muslims and have irrational hatred towards Islam. He should be ashamed of himself and should immediately offer an unconditional apology.

I have always suspected Ukip of harbouring social rejects and racist goons in its party. One of their members recently caused a furor after calling some women "sluts" and claiming our aid was going to "bongo bongo land". I believe its members are not brave enough to admit that they are actually a bunch of racist loonies raving against everyone who is not white and English. Even the British National Party is more honest than these pretentious Ukip members.

I have a challenge for Ukip and its leadership including Mr Nigel Farage. If you are real democrats and truly fit for 21st Century modern Britain sign the following charter before asking anyone to sign anything:

1. Ukip believes in equality between all people regardless of their nationality, race, religion, colour and sex

2. Ukip believes in fairness and justice for all people regardless of their social or economic status

3. Ukip believes in creating a cohesive Britain where all people have equal rights and access to all state sponsored provisions

4. Ukip believes in upholding the universal human rights, civil liberty and rule of law

5. Ukip wholeheartedly rejects all forms of hatred and intolerance

6. Ukip wholeheartedly rejects extremism in all its forms and manifestations

7. Ukip is not a racist party and any members found saying or implying anything that is proven to be racist will be expelled immediately

8. Ukip is not a Muslim hating party and any members found saying or implying anything that is proven to be Muslim hating would be expelled immediately

9. Ukip strongly believes in respect and acceptance of all people

10. Ukip embraces honesty, integrity and transparency in all aspects of its political activities

If Ukip is true to its words of being a party for all people let them agree to the above charter and maybe the British people will trust them with politics here and abroad. If they refuse to sign up to the above stated charter then Ukip should be banished from our civilized political discourse.