The former president claimed, without evidence, that the Biden administration had "allowed tens of thousands of probable terrorists into this country.”
“We’re still scared and unprotected...nothing has been done about it.”
“She goes to the mosque and she goes to Avengers Con. I genuinely feel seen."
Labour's Imran Hussain and Green MP Caroline Lucas were interrupted by the Speaker while being heckled by the Tory benches.
"Stand up for your Muslim friends. If you see something, say something," the model said.
Is it surprising that Nusrat Ghani alleges her "Muslimness" was too much for the Tories?
"So does being 'obviously Muslim' like say 'letterboxes' make discrimination ok?"
"The prime minister takes these claims very seriously," Downing Street said.
Stop asking British Muslims to define Islamophobia and start challenging it instead.
It seems after two years the government is yet to come up with a definition for Islamophobia.