17/04/2013 11:22 BST | Updated 17/06/2013 06:12 BST

What Does Thatcher's Funeral Have to Do With Your Obituary?

As the streets of London fill up for the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, we will over the next few days hear from those that thought she was the best thing to happen to our country and also from those who think she was nothing but a destructive force. She managed to polarize so many in life and now in death.

Death is inevitable. Take a moment to think of your own obituary. A little morbid for some I know but put that aside and think:

What would be said about you?

what did you do that touched lives?

how many people did you affect?

Life is frustrating for so many people, particularly in the present climate. Recession has made many question what they do for a living and because of that many are taking time out to self reflect and re-evaluate where their lives are heading.

Personally I think that has been a long time coming. Its so easy to be caught up in the the day to day of life that we accept the status quo and carry on ploughing through best we can.

what do you think about yourself ?

where do you think you're heading ?

what do you want people to say about you when that day comes ?

Firstly change what you say to yourself , all that endless self talk that you engage in through the day is it constructive or destructive ? Do you tell yourself you hate your life , your work or even your partner.

Frustration is a terrible thing, wanting to do something ,to change but unable to because of self doubt and fear.

Before you prepare your obituary make a life statement. Decide how your life should be. What work would you really like to be involved in. How should you and would you spend your time. You can take control of your life and change it's never too late.