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Private papers belonging to Margaret Thatcher were donated to the nation on Thursday in lieu of £1 million in inheritance
As the Manic Street Preachers ready themselves to release their new album Rewind The Film, on September 16, I had the chance to catch up with bass player, lyricist and unofficial band spokesman Nicky Wire at BBC Radio 2 live in Hyde Park.
Has the great British public contracted political fever or did the passing of Her Magg-esty simply give us another excuse to party like it's 1990?
The Conservatives must reconnect with voters who rallied to the party under Margaret Thatcher, former Cabinet minister Liam
David Cameron remarked that Thatcher had "smashed through the glass ceiling" - she did, but not for women, simply for herself. She did not open the door for other women behind her; rather, she smashed the glass and replaced it with barbed wire fencing. She reinforced a system that does not allow for female leadership unless it acquiesces to patriarchal modes.
I don't know about anyone else, but I noticed a death last week - something much bigger than an ice-cream scientist who led a small country 25 years ago.
Whereas radicalism once polarised society between left and right, perhaps it is now apathy which polarises a society from its political class.
The best pictures of the week are chosen by YOU voting on our interactive slideshow. The week started in tragedy with the
What if the opportunities afforded to a young Margaret Roberts had been different? What would happen to a Margaret Roberts born in 2013? Maybe a woman of Margaret Thatcher's mind would overcome these modern difficulties, but maybe she would not. The ladder of social mobility has been kicked away and how much potential, how many modern Margarets will we waste as a result?
Thought you couldn't make jokes about Margaret Thatcher's funeral, Rolf Harris's arrest or Justin Bieber's comments about