24/04/2014 07:04 BST | Updated 23/06/2014 06:59 BST

Ukip Poster Outrage Is a Storm in a Teacup

Ukip's latest posters for their European election campaign brewed a storm of condemnation in social media and the press over the last couple of days.

One poster said: "26 million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose job are they after?" Labour MP Mike Grapes waded in calling the posters 'racist'while Nigel Farage defended them as a "a hard-hitting reflection on reality".

Labour's Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, said UKIP had "lowered the tone of the European debate" and its stance was "hypocritical" because it had criticised Home Office vans carrying posters urging illegal immigrants to "Go home".

To Farage's delight, the outraged commentators attempted to shut down debate they were not prepared to have and one which they would inevitably lose, but instead inflamed discussion on why it is imperative to Get Britain Out of the EU.

The posters reflect a reality that is commonly brushed under the carpet or simply denied by the Europhile elite: the disadvantaged and the low-waged are the biggest losers from cheap labour pumped out from Europe's broken economies.

Freedom of movement, particularly from poorer countries in the EU leads to greater supply of job-seekers, therefore greater competition over jobs and consequently wage-suppression.

As such, the posters are a sober reflection on the reality faced by low-wage workers in particular, because it is a natural consequence of among other things: 'freedom of movement'.

However, it appears critics of Euroscepticism have no intention of advancing a proper counter-argument on how this impacts on wages, job availability and the selection of the best candidates for the jobs available. It is a great relief this is finally coming out in the open, as a serious debate is vital.

One of the posters highlights in no uncertain terms: "Who really runs this country? 75% of our law is made in Brussels".

Despite Nick Clegg's recent efforts to deny this, there is no getting away from the fact that the true cost to our national sovereignty is beyond calculation. EU legislation penetrates into every sphere of public concern: immigration, energy policy, food prices and much more than we are ever led to believe.

In every case EU policy hurts the most disadvantaged and the government can do nothing it. No national parliament can repeal EU legislation no matter how much the electorates demand. Legislation which gets drafted by unelected EU officials makes a mockery of democracy.

Parliaments in the EU are effectively impotent and this too is a message which needs to be drummed into the public's consciousness.

With 77% of the Great British Public wanting immigration reduced and even 60% of first and second-generation migrants saying the levels of immigration are too high, the critics are not on the side of public opinion.

They don't represent the hurt feelings of the Europeans who they supposedly champion, only their own fragile sensitivity and desire to remain in the EU.

These posters are some of the rarest examples of solidarity with workers who are getting priced out of the labour market by EU policy. The mainstream Left has nothing honest to say about it because they are hell-bent on staying in the EU.

At least there is someone out there in politics who wants to stand up to Brussels and say "enough is enough".

The quicker we Get Britain Out of the EU the better for us all.