19/10/2011 20:22 BST | Updated 19/12/2011 05:12 GMT

I Never Believed in Indie or Ever Claimed That I Did

My old friend of 28 years, Daniel Treacy, is currently in an induced coma after a five hour operation to remove a blood clot to his brain. If anybody knows anything about Creation we, along with many others, owe a lot to the inspiration of Daniel and his band Television Personalities. I pray to the gods that he pulls through. I always find it weird that someone has to die or nearly die for the world to finally acknowledge that person, but this past week people have shown their love and respect towards him. All you need is love, indeed...

Last week I finally watched Scorcese's George Harrison movie - Living In The Material World. It's amazing. George might be my favourite of the four Beatles. He showed the world the ridiculousness of Christianity and I love him for that.

George, just like John, was a punk and this biopic of his life is the best film I have seen in ages. It's a must have for any Beatles fan out there. For me there isn't any other group ever worth loving as much as The Beatles. They were the definition of brilliance. Buy it.

On October 28th BBC Four have a Creation night, or so I am told. It will feel pretty weird watching the film Upside Down followed by a Creation omnibus from 1998.

My world today exists in Treadwells, not Hoxton Bar and Grill, and I would rather buy Liber Null than a CD. I apologise, actually I don't, but I never really believed in ''Indie'' or claimed that I did. I believed in The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, not the Rough Trade shop and Crass.

The Stone Roses announced they're to reform, which is great news. I never saw them do a great gig 15 years or so ago but the records speak for themselves. The first album is a classic and like Primal Scream, they will probably revisit old ground like they have with Screamadelica and actually be a better band than they were back then. Cannot wait.

Treadwells has got to be the best find I have made in ages. It's a magick book shop that sells first edition Crowley, amazing crystal wands, hand-made daggers and candles for spells. Every kind of book you can think of which is left of centre in a mainstream way from Crowley to Austin Osman Spare to Peter J Carroll is there to buy. Along with amazing stock they also have evening and weekend workshops on everything from voodoo to chaos magick. The shop is other worldly and easily my favourite book shop in London. You can find it at 33 Store Street - check it out.

Some thoughts...

Chaos, the life force of the universe is not human hearted.

The greatest sinners are the greatest saints.

Nothing is unchangeable except change itself.

I am that I am not.

Understanding cannot understand itself.

Perception cannot perceive itself.

Will cannot un-will itself.

If you are living in London and you are over 40 please ask yourself why?

The Tedx talk from Oxford University will be online soon. In the meantime Here is a French web interview I recently did in Paris for Gonzai TV, anyway I found It find fun and you might too.