20/11/2011 19:29 GMT | Updated 20/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Why Would I Want to Own John Lennon's Rotten Tooth?

Let's start with something for the record.

A couple of weeks back the NME published a story saying that I had sold a tooth of John Lennon's in an auction. It's a funny story, but it's not true.

They then also ran a piece regarding my involvement in the News of the World hacking scandal - completely wrong. They said I was hacked, when in my initial statement I said that I only suspected I had been hacked...

I have never owned John Lennon's tooth, and after the NME ran with that story it ended up on 245 different websites all over the world. As I said, it was a funny story, but not true. Why would I want to own John Lennon's rotten tooth?

On Thursday afternoon I travelled from Wales to London. I'd been in Wales for two weeks on the trot, as I find London difficult these days.

Anyway, once there after dumping my stuff at the flat, I jumped a taxi down to Putney to see the Met. The building looked like a Gestapo building.

They presented me with a photocopy of Glen Mulcaire's notebook. It had my mobile number, the code to my voicemail, my postcode, the office number and the account number of my mobile phone. How the fuck did they have that much information on me? It's just wrong!

The police can't actually prove if my phone had been hacked, but after talking to lawyers it seems they have too much personal information, so it will become a civil case in the next few weeks. The next move will be an appointment with my lawyer...

The date that was on the photocopy was when I would have been on holiday in Spain, staying in the same hotel as Bobby Gillespie. We hung out a lot during that holiday, although whether this is significant or not only time will tell.

En route to Putney I sent Noel Gallagher a text to tell him I was on the hack list. I think he fancies being on it too.

To people like us it's just media bollocks, and all they would have got from my voicemail in August 2005 were the ramblings of Courtney Love. Back then I would regularly wake up to 47 messages from her, which I would delete every day without listening to.

If I was indeed hacked then Mulcaire would definitely have heard Courtney's messages, poor guy!

I do feel sorry for the people who this has really affected, such as Milly Dowler's family and the McCanns. This goes way past investigative journalism.

If I am on the list, then personally I find it impossible to think that people like Noel and Liam won't be too as more names are revealed.

Of course I will try to sue News International, as they deserve all of the grief and bad publicity possible for what they have done to people. Oh, and I should mention, the police were great and the guy who dealt with me was brilliant. He even gave me a victim number and asked if I needed counselling. I replied "I'm from Glasgow!"

Anyway, the following day I gave a talk at the University of Hertfordshire for about 90 minutes with my old head of press Andy Saunders. It was good fun, but I knew I was getting old when Andy had to tell the 20 year-old kids who Primal Scream were! Then again I am 51...

As soon as it was finished I was on a train heading back to Wales - I can stomach London for about 24 hours these days - in and out as quick as possible!

The ongoing retail development saga in Hay on Wye remains very odd, and something is definitely not quite right.

I think somebody somewhere certainly stands to gain big out of it. All I know is I smell a rat, and they don't enjoy this blog or my wife's. Unfortunately for them we're not going to shut up. Get used to it chaps - I never shut up.

Just quickly back to the News of the World. Why is that with the exception of online places like the Huffington Post, all the British papers except the Guardian are leaving the phone hacking story alone? Perhaps it's because everybody has shit on each other, or maybe they are all guilty of the same shit as News International...

The people who are not covering this story are looking conspicuous by their absence to me...

Some thoughts:

Everything has to keep moving and changing, if only by spinning internally otherwise it wouldn't exist at all. Exactly the same applies to humans and their minds.

You can never occupy a state of being.

We exist as an assemblage of particles in an ocean of ether of almost unimaginable, but not of infinite size.

We have no choice to do so until our doing undoes us.

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