28/01/2013 10:16 GMT | Updated 30/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Travel Broadens the Mind as Well as Your Career Prospects

I was recently made aware of an important initiative doing some really great work during Scotland's Year of Study Abroad. Scotland Goes Global is a project funded by the Scottish Government, primarily led by NUS Scotland. The aim is to ultimately build upon the work previously done by the 'Students without Borders' project; increasing the outward mobility of Scottish students whilst putting a stronger emphasis on increasing the number of opportunities available to study abroad.

UK students and graduates are facing a difficult and competitive employment market. It's important to adopt a global outlook when it comes to study and work, so candidates who have international experience (in almost any way) will undoubtedly have an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs. An inter-cultural experience which has incorporated working alongside those from diverse and unfamiliar backgrounds definitely helps you to establish a level of understanding that those without such an experience simply don't have. Many employers are looking for interesting people who are unafraid to abandon their comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar in the global business environment. By working, travelling or volunteering abroad you will achieve a broader outlook when it comes to things like building relationships, religion, best practice, communication and negotiation.

To those who would like to have some kind of spell abroad, or those who have already been offered the opportunity, I say go for it. I was lucky enough to go to Montreal whilst in my third year at university and many of my friends did the same, studying in places like Germany, France, Australia and Hong Kong. Enormously important for those who, in their future career, want to help UK businesses develop and sustain their presence at a global level, an experience abroad can change your outlook completely.

Study abroad, teach English abroad, work in a summer camp or simply travel around for a while. It will undoubtedly help you to differentiate your application from others and give your CV an interestingly international edge.