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The current neglect of work experience isn’t just damaging from an economic perspective but detrimental in terms of equality
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash Did you know that there are currently an estimated 10 - 15,000 unpaid internships and
It was a long summer of discontent for universities, who took a pummelling from Fleet Street and various lords a leaping. But now they are back to the serious job of educating people for a rapidly-changing world. Most commentators are clear about the trajectory and drivers of these changes, but not the speed.
You might be considering whether to go to University, you might be starting your first job out of University or you might
State schools have made great progress in equipping the next generation for brighter futures. However, there are still major hurdles for young people in terms of gaining entry to the workplace.
A teenager on work experience has created an award-winning code that could save the lives of heart attack victims.  Ben Wald
'Without unpaid internships, how the hell are students going to get the chance to earn experience?'
On Friday, MP Alec Shelbrooke will introduce a separate Commons’ Private Members Bill to ban unpaid internships.  However