16/06/2016 06:27 BST | Updated 15/06/2017 06:12 BST

The Makeup For Men Products Men Are Using to Cover Acne

It's been well documented in the press of late that men's personal care and grooming standards are surging towards dizzy new heights. With The Independent reporting in January that this market has now reached multi-billion pound status, there looks to be no stop signs on the horizon of modern day men in search of all new levels of perfection. Whilst the key motives behind such a rise remain significantly varied, MMUK MAN, Britain's largest male specific makeup brand pin point one skin issue in particular, that's causing more and more men to learn how to Blend it Like Beckham.

With each of us subject to a 40% chance of suffering from acne breakouts during our teenage and adult years, it appears as though this growingly hungry wolf pack of men are turning towards the power of cosmetics, to cover up this confidence crippling condition once and for all. MMUK MAN announced the launch of our very own mineral makeup range in 2015 and with sales rocketing towards the £1million mark already, acne is the main complexion blighter that's getting increasingly less game time in the day to day lives of British men.

Whilst your first thoughts of men wearing makeup may portray an essence of skepticism and in some cases, harbor the stereotypical view that makeup surely must be a 'gay only thing', MMUK MAN's recent success and market awareness instead quash such a social burden. With a client base evenly balanced with straight men and gay gentlemen, dabbling in a little bit of 'man-slap' could just prove to be your ultimate answer to acne.

There are three male makeup products in particular that are causing such a shift in the plate tectonics of modern day grooming. In the daily battle against acne, men's mineral foundation's popularity has exploded, with its unique calming and healing properties being massive factors in men's willingness to experiment. Offering full and natural coverage, such a form of foundation blankets the face and blurs the appearance of breakouts in just a few gentle swipes.

Dubbed 'the ultimate wingman' by MMUK MAN, concealer for men gives the power back to guys in the bathroom. Used to target specific areas of dense active-acne breakouts, whether using a stick form, pot or pen, guys are quickly able to conceal and reveal flawless looking skin. In a selfie obsessed culture, where a simple Instagram filter or Airbrush App can leave skin looking totally fresh, using this form of men's makeup product really wrestles back control from under the nose of acne.

A brand new look wouldn't be complete without the use of an Invisible Powder. Seen by some men as the most challenging makeup product to get to grips with, this perfect finishing touch to an upgraded look leaves skin looking natural, shine free and flawless all day and all night. Using a simple dabbing technique, such a powder completes the perfect trio of product, that really gets men's skin and confidence back on track.

With makeup for men well and truly on the rise and with more guys than ever before realising that living with acne need not dent their confidence and self-esteem, it looks set to be yet another record breaking year for MMUK MAN and brands alike, catering for this form of modern man.