The cosmetics giant will drop words such as "white", "fair" and "light" from its skin products in the wake of anti-racism protests across the world.
When was the last time you picked up a pot of moisturiser at Boots and read the packaging in full? It’s easy to dismiss the jumbled jargon decorating our products, but what they symbolise is an important tool in education and understanding what you’re using, how to use it, when it expires and how it can be recycled. HuffPost deciphers the symbols, ingredients list and claims on our beauty products to make digesting your product labels a whole lot easier.
Depixym is a sustainable, vegan beauty brand with products that look like tubes of acrylic. So how easy is it to do your whole face of makeup with them?
Looking for a way to make your beauty routine more green? Writer Niellah Arboine shows how to make your own products from sustainable sources.
It won’t completely solve the industry’s plastic problem, but it’s a step in the right direction 🌱
Dermalogica, Clean & Clear, Clearasil and Feel Unique have been impacted.
Do you still have facial scrubs, soaps, shower gels and toothpastes containing microbeads at home?
'This is not a responsible way to make a point'.