16/10/2012 04:41 BST | Updated 15/12/2012 05:12 GMT

REVIEW: Made In Chelsea, Series 4 - Is Spencer Losing It?

Like the academic world, Made In Chelsea's calendar starts at the end of summer. So it's in St. Tropez, not Chelsea, where we find the familiar crew, indulging in their love of "boat-watching" and "wah"* babes.

Given the underwhelming Season 3 finale - closing possibly MIC's most explosive series yet - there weren't many cliffhangers to be picked up in Season 4's inaugural episode. So it was to little surprise that Louise and new accomplice Rosie were discussing a wayward Spencer Matthews, the man who had won her in the last series, just eight minutes in.

Because, of course, this was Spencer's episode. With a new Shaving Ken-esque beard, he prowled around Tropez like a medieval king. At once proclaiming his love and "literally aching" heart for Louise (his tried and tested bedroom technique - we've seen it work on Caggie before), Spencer went on to try, woefully, to arrest his authority over the New Boys in town.

Namely, Andy, who weirdly resembles a face-merge of Spencer and camp Chelsea cat Mark Francis. Andy has "admired Louise from afar", and picks his moment to accost her and show his disdain for her relationship with Spencer. And Louise doesn't seem to mind.

Inevitably, it all kicked off at potentially-evil Victoria's Swimwear (or is that Swimwah?) launch. Spencer, looking ironically sweaty for the "Polar Bear" Jamie warningly referred to him as to Andy, having lost in a love battle to Matthews before, told the new kid to keep his distance.

Of course, this scene was completely repeated at the London party which closed the first episode, with Spencer looking increasingly fearful for his Chelsea Throne, and Louise desirous to push him off it.

Meanwhile, back in Chelsea, comedy trio Binky, Ollie and Previously-Detective Cheska are discussing hair cuts and Ollie's sexuality with inverse amounts of levity, and we meet Richard's new girlfriend.

After the dramas caused by his previous beau Kimberly in the last series, how would Disney Prince Dickie strike next? However, much as Ianthe may be a Kimberly lookalike, she has one important distinction: Cheska's approval. It could be a Chelsea marriage yet.

Despite this, something is still rotten in the state of Chelsea. And it's going to take an entire series before everyone metaphorically kills each other. Bring on the popcorn.

* Wah: meaning attractive, used only towards females.