16/01/2015 06:19 GMT | Updated 17/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Bad Girl Tarot Card and Guidance for the Week - 15 January

Tarot reading is an art that anyone can indulge. The magic of tarot lays not in the cards, but in how they help you to access your intuition. Whilst I love to read for others, my greatest joy comes with enabling others to read for themselves. In learning to read for yourself, you are getting to know your inner space, the spiritual self that resides underneath your oftentimes loud and overwhelming mind. The cards are a route into a more soulful life. At their very best they reflect back what you kinda already know about your life.

A regular tarot practice, for me, is more about self-help, introspection and intuitive practice than it is about anything 'psychic' or supernatural. Tarot cards have gotten themselves a bad reputation, one that invokes fear to many people. Images of crusty old fortune tellers ushering out tragic and untimely predictions of death, doom and disaster have been portrayed which much aplomb. And whilst this is an intriguing and potent image. It isn't a true reflection of 21st tarot.

Tarot only reflect the reality of life. If we choose to be unrealistic about what life is, then yes, tarot may not be the best tool for us. But I believe tarot present our options, possibilities and the truth of the life we are creating. You create your life. You can create chaos and stagnation as much as you create rebirth, beauty, love and art. The cards are simply a mirror to truth. They don't make things happen, you do. If wielded well then a pack can help us guide us towards a happier, healthier, more powerfully fullfilling and abundant life.

Bad Girl Tarot of The Week

Knight of Pentacles - this card reflects the need to get stuck in. To commit to your work and to start to see the seeds that you have sown, start to germinate and grow. Now just because we see growth, does not mean it is time to sit back, legs up and relax. I'm afraid not. As our lives expand, more work is required to tend to those seedlings we planted. We must keep a keen eye on any areas of life that matter to us, pulling out the weeds, injecting positivity, continuing to nurture and care. Yes there may be opportunity to reap some rewards in terms of abundance, be that financial, material or otherwise. But it is wise, at this early stage of progress to invest that abundance back into your self, your business, your education or whatever it is that you are cultivating. Recycle it so to speak. Just as compost is recycled glorious garden matter, so your life requires that you take the benefits of your work, and utilise them. Basically, use what you have learned wisely. Keep your lessons close and make them work for you.

This week you would do well to keep on, keeping on. Stay grounded. Toil and till the lands of your life, getting the hard work done as you creep slowly forward towards bigger goals. Be realistic. Don't slack. Pay attention to detail now, be meticulous, know that eventually the efforts will pay off. Have certainty in yourself and your goals, but keep level headed, aware and true to your roots.

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