Self Help

After a year of lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation, we could all do with a little joy right now. And while you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how you respond to it. We’ve asked therapist Lucy Beresford for tips on how to stay positive and keep our spirits up during challenging times.
From baby sleep advice to toddler tantrum tips, we asked parents which ones of the thousands published are actually good.
What Glossier did for skincare and Rupi Kaur did for poetry, Bunny Michael does for New Age spirituality.
Going through loss or bereavement teaches you a thing or two about attachment. Love, connection, compassion and empathy are human conditions. They're innate, genetic and what makes us truly unique amongst the animal kingdom.
The only way you're ever going to form the bond needed with the baby is to actually be there with the baby. At least that's the simple way of putting it. This is part of the reason why paternity leave should be extended from two week to at least four. Two weeks is not enough time for the father to not only bond with the baby, but also support the mother. But that's a different issue.
As a child life seemed pretty straight forward. Apart from the odd worry, the process of puberty and the occasional heartbreak from the girls I had a crush on nothing seemed too hard to handle. But at 18, (a month off my 19th birthday) my Dad took his own life.
The key to getting off autopilot is to embrace new experiences. Get some increments of control and it will pay back exponentially. An extra 5 minutes of consciousness a day will change your life. Something fun that will grab our attention and help us become more aware of ourselves and the world in which we live.
Excuse me? Love yourself? Are you crazy? Oh no, no, no, we're far too used to telling ourselves we're too tall, too small, too messy, too lazy, too tired, too fat, too grumpy, too rubbish at parenting, too busy making mistakes.
One week before my operation I carried my bicycle up and across the bridge. Six weeks later, due to chemotherapy, I was unable to climb the same steps without holding onto the bannister and later-on, without holding on to a friend.
The best I could hope for "under the circumstances, they said. The hospital has cancelled my appointment to see a neurosurgeon