22/01/2015 06:20 GMT | Updated 24/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Bad Girl Tarot - Intuition V Ego - Lesson Three

The beauty of tarot is that it provides a tool that distracts you sufficiently to remove your mind from the whirling howls of ego, and leads you towards a quieter, wiser, softer voice; that of your intuition. Your ego is the voice that shouts in your mind, reminding you of your failures, of your to-do list and then chases you relentlessly with demands, orders, observations, criticisms and fear laden facts. Your intuition is the calmer self inside that most often you ignore. The voice that is too easily trampled on by the egoic self. Yet if you open to your intuition, if you listen to her quiet whisperings, her passionate urgings and her gut instinct natural yearnings, then you may find, she is the better guide of the two.

Tarot opens us to her magic. When the lights are low, a candle is flickering, out intention is focused on silence, magic and love, we can all access that quiet intuitive voice. The cards are simply her representative. The real wisdom, the true power, always comes from within each individual. As you learn to read the cards you become more innately aligned with the beauty and guidance of your own intuition. As you follow her gentle whisperings the closer you get to your soulful, higher self. It is a beautiful process and tarot can act as a powerful key.

Today's reading is based upon this tormented fight for power of the ego and the intuition. One car represents what your intuition would like you to know, and the other is informing you of what your Ego is trying to defy you with. If you are reading this, trust that these cards are for you...


Seven of Wands - Your Ego is shouting: Fight and be fierce. Is there something within you right now that is being brutally defensive? Are you even quite listening or paying attention to what comes your way? Or are you in full on battle mode, convinced that you need to knock each and every 'seeming' opponent out and away? Examine your actions. It may be that what is being offered is better than it seems. You may not need to fight quite so hard. Maybe the things you are resisting are actually fabulous opportunities for growth. Why are they frightening to you? Consider this, and then maybe let your guard down a little. Your ego is acting from a place of cold, hard fear... but there is opportunity you are missing if you align too closely with that panic.


Two of Swords - Your intuition is whispering: Trust and Be Guided. You may feel all at sea, your ego is throwing you into a state of fear. However your intuition is promising that you are being held, lead and guided. To accept the guidance you must first let your reservations, your concerns and your worries drop. It is true that we use our fears as a form of defence, however if you are to align with your intuition, and your higher self, you must let fear go. You must tread lightly forward, open to newness, to adventure and to the unknown. Always trusting that everything that comes onto your path, every situation you step into, is perfect. Sometimes life feels precarious, but it is that which makes it so exciting. The unknown is before you. Stop fighting. Step out, forward and in total, beautiful trust.

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