Never Ever Give Up

07/03/2017 15:04 GMT | Updated 08/03/2018 10:12 GMT

The world's eyes have been on the Oscars, notably the error of the Best Picture announcement.

There are always some great stories behind the winners and nominees, and usually they relay the same message.

Never give up.

And while the glitz and glamour of Hollywood couldn't be much further than my truth of living in my mum's house, which desperately needs decluttering and redecorating, the message still resonates, I just have my own benchmarks to work with.

I'm reading Diana Nyad's book Find A Way at the moment. It's the same message.

She set a goal back in the 1970s of swimming from Cuba to Florida.

It took her five attempts. Five!

At age 64 she achieved this amazing feat of marathon swimming.

The goal of swimming this stretch never left her, even after she gave up marathon swimming to become a broadcaster. Even after she was paralysed in the water by deadly box jellyfish.

If you think your goal is beyond you then you need to hear her story.

You are far from done.

When you have thrown everything at it and you still haven't achieved it, ask yourself what you could have done differently.

If you don't know, then find someone who can help you.

We are not on this Earth to wander aimlessly, alone. We are here to work together, even if the goal is a selfish one.

Diana did not swim alone. She had a team to help her and she gives them their credit - she could not have done it without any single one of them. The shark divers, the navigator, her handlers, to name a few.

The Oscar nominees and winners are the same - they have all been helped by someone along the way.

And they never gave up.

So what is your dream? What goal is whispering in your ear?

Is it a simple one, such as jump into a swimming pool (one of mine) or something a bit more complex, such as lose x amount of weight, learn to cook a new recipe a week or to run your first marathon?

Once you are clear on what you want then you can set about getting it.

And never ever give up.