Weight Loss

"I wasn’t sure what to do. I prayed no one else in the line noticed what was happening."
The number on the scale is just a number on the scale and is not always worth the stress that comes with weight loss.
The media mogul is denouncing fat stigma while also praising weight loss drugs.
"At first I was only supposed to be tracking my blood glucose and not changing my diet — but I began examining everything that went into my mouth, secretly Googling whether foods were 'allowed.'”
There are a lot of misconceptions about semaglutide medications.
The cheap and accessible supplement is said to help with insulin sensitivity, but experts say there are real risks.
"I shrunk back into my body. They couldn’t believe my parents would do that to me. They couldn’t believe I was that bad."
The famously fit actor shared his thoughts on celebrities taking the diabetes drug to trim down.