What Have Will Smith And LOVE Letters To The Universe Got In Common?

Why do I love the idea of this film? Well I have been writing LOVE LETTERS TO THE UNIVERSE for years personally, as well as recommending my clients to do the same with remarkable and fascinating results.

The amazing Will Smith's new film Collateral Beauty is due to be released next month and I for one can't wait!

The film talks about Howard who has suffered a horrible personal loss. His grieving leads him to writing letters to the Universe.

Maybe it's his way of getting the answers to his unanswerable questions or maybe it's a diversional tactic creating distraction so he doesn't have to face his grief.

You can watch the trailer here:

Why do I love the idea of this film? Well I have been writing LOVE LETTERS TO THE UNIVERSE for years personally, as well as recommending my clients to do the same with remarkable and fascinating results.

It all started when I was writing my second book; Bringing You Back To YOU, which is a compilation of some of the tools and techniques I have practiced for over twenty years that keep me balanced and free from anxiety. The same tools have been passed on to numerous people in my mentoring business.

How does writing a love letter to the Universe Work?

Well you may have heard of vision boards where you put pictures, slogans and affirmations on a large board with all the wonderful things you are looking to attract; the love of your life or a shiney silver car for example? You place this board somewhere prominent for you to see. Each and every day as you look at your board, you hope and pray that all your requests will come true and enter your life.

LOVE letters to the Universe take it one step further. YOU write a letter to the Universe as if it's a person. Not any old person but one who knows you inside out, warts and all and yet they still LOVE YOU. TOALLY AND WITHOUT CONDITION TO THEIR LOVE!

The Universe knows you better than you know yourself. It sees you struggle trying to co create the car or the lover (that really isn't a great match for you) and it tries to step in to assist you.

The problem being, you confuse it with not being consistent in what it is you truly desire.

So if you write it all down in a letter, telling the Universe how you feel and what you're trying to achieve as well as creating a vision board chances are your requests are clearer to you both. Now add to this the limitless love to the universe and trusting that 'someone' who loves you so much clearly has your best interests at heart, surely they will bring in far better lovers and cars that are more suited to you as well as other things you haven't yet identified adding to your life's happiness.

Now after you write the letter, you put it in a stamped addressed envelope to yourself at your home address.

Yes I know it sounds strange but please bear with me.

This adds another layer of energy to all your requests. The postal system adds yet another layer then when you finally receive it via Mr Postie you 'know' your heartfelt letter has been received and even read.

As you open the letter several things may happen:

1. You may feel 'heard' which triggers healing and a release of pent up emotions.

2. You feel a connection to the Universe and wish to develop this love connection further by writing more LOVE LETTERS TO THE UNIVERSE.

3.Or you may hear or feel if you're an empath, the answers to your questions and requests by receiving an idea or inspiration to do something or call someone.

Please do follow it through with doing exactly that!

Whatever response you get, be open to receiving it without any expectations of the outcome.

What can you expect to happen?

Who knows? Well the Universe does. All you need to do is be on the lookout for ideas, inspirations and simply follow them through. it could be the Universe nudging you to show you how amazing you are at co creating.

Many of my clients have had deep healing and release from doing this. It has also expressed their creative and fun side which is always a great thing.

So many of us don't actually know what it is they want but by doing this you will discover your true self's desires and maybe even create them with the hand of The Universe.

Whatever or wherever you are in life, why not write your love letter today and see what happens. It's great fun! You have no thing to lose and lots to gain.

Happy scribing.

Alison Ward The Life Guidance Mentor @2016



Alison's Bio

'Angel' Alison Ward is the pen name for Alison Ward, The Life Guidance Mentor and winner of the 2015 award: "The Most Inspiring Person in 2015 Award," by Health And Happiness Magazine.

She is the author of 3 books: 'Awarded by Angels,' 'Bringing you Back to you, 'and' Get that Friday Feeling', a Huffington Post and Medium.com blogger.

Her life-changing work came about after a horrific attack on her and her son by her former partner, after which Alison experienced Post traumatic stress disorder. Alison was able to turn her life around and find her incredible gifts, by an event she called her 'Awakening.'

Her journey is described in detail in her books as well as her tools and strategies that she herself used to come out of the depths of despair.

She has been featured in magazines such as Spirit and Destiny Magazine and appeared as an expert on ITV's This Morning, shared her inspirational story on Jeremy Kyle and was the Relationship Expert on Sky's The Lovetalk Show.

She absolutely loves her work, her business and loves to offer her practical support, solutions to support others to wellness and happiness too!

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