15/04/2015 07:29 BST | Updated 14/06/2015 06:59 BST

Four of the Coolest Man Caves!

Everyone needs a little time out - it's just human nature. Whether it's away from the kids, nagging parents or even your spouse, a few minutes of downtime can be the ultimate refresher for even the most perfect relationships. This notion doesn't apply only to men, ladies need their relaxation time too! For some people, the great outdoors is too far away to even think about. So where is the next option that we can immediately retreat to when our hour of need calls? Where else than into our own backyards, into the sanctuary and respite of a tiny space that we can call our own. Let's tour through four of the best examples of man caves that will leave you speechless!

1. Stunning materials


Platform 5 Architecture /

The first project on view is the "Shoffice". If you're wondering what that means, it's a hybrid of the words shed and office, and is really a feat of something amazing. The curved structure is light filled and spacious. It is sculptural in its nature, made from a mix of oak timber and glass.


Platform 5 Architecture /

The shape is really something special; you feel as though you are being scooped up by the force of such an object. Inside, the view is just as special. The warmth from the timber and pleasant flow of light means this is the perfect space to feel creative and inspired.

2. Hidden treasures


IQ Glass UK /

You may not have a prized possession such as this to stow away, but the idea in itself is still great! Whether its used as a garage, outdoor area or home office, this beautiful box fashioned from glass and steel would make a most coveted and stylish man cave.


IQ Glass UK /

Once closed, the highly reflective glass surface bounces the reflection of the facing house and garden, allowing the structure to simply disappear once the doors are closed. This is a wonderful way to shut out prying neighbours, allowing you to relax in the privacy of your own backyard.

3. Soak away your troubles


Crown Pavillions /

This man cave with spa and kitchen is really going to make you the envy and talk of all your friends. Just imagine the parties to be had in the summer time! The only issue is, everyone will be asking to come over!


Crown Pavillions /

Now, it is possible for you separate your guests from the main house, a problem which many homeowners have when throwing parties or entertaining. This is also, of course, the ultimate area for you to relax and have many hours to yourself. Whether it's to experiment in the kitchen or to relax in the spa, you can be sure to emerge refreshed and renewed.

4. The crowning glory


Crown Pavillions /

Ok so, you thought the man cave with spa above was cool, right? Just wait until you see inside the next one! That's right, there is a cinema and bar - what more could you possibly want? You will, quite literally, spend hours in here, whether it's in solitude, on a date or in the company of friends and family.


Crown Pavillions /

Fully stocked and decked out in the sleekest interior design style, there will be no shortage of fun times inside this serious man cave. Whether it's to drink a beer, watch a movie or simply chill out with a good book, you can be sure that a man cave like this is money well spent.