30/04/2013 08:12 BST | Updated 27/06/2013 06:12 BST

See You on the Other Side?

So this is it. Finally, after almost two years of mocks and modules and in some cases re-sits, I am finally entering the murky couple of months of GCSEs.

It may not seem like that much of a big deal to some people, as they are often overshadowed by A-Levels and other qualifications that ultimately decide your future; however I cannot hide the fact that this period of my student life will essentially predict my whole life. I never really believed people who said that the time goes by quickly and you don't notice the exams until they creep right up on you, but it wasn't until now that I realised that was exactly the case.

Back when I was in year seven and eight, the whole process seemed relatively simple. Being the naive innocent girl I was, I automatically presumed that I would get straight A*s in anything I set my mind to, with hardly any work whatsoever. Unfortunately it wasn't until year nine when I had failed to score a C in two of my science modules that I realised I had to drastically change my 'revision' methods (apparently reading the textbook with the T.V on in the background doesn't count) and start seriously studying.

As everyone warned, the exams crept up on me last summer, and although it was slightly stressful the work was definitely worth it, as I received the grades I was hoping, and had a summer of writing to look forward to and not re-takes.

However this year, things are slightly more serious. Gone are second chances, 'there's always next year's, and teachers reassuring you that everything's going to be okay: because this time if we muck up, it isn't.

My parents have been trying to help (forget the inverted commas, you can imagine my tone of voice for yourselves) by clearing my desk and giving me a new set of rules, and as they went through this process with my older brother two years ago I trust that they know what they're doing. Last week I had all of my notebooks taken away from me, with the solemn promise that if I do no writing for the next two months it will be worth it on August 22nd (results day).

So please do wish me luck, dear readers, and hopefully I will see you on the other side if I make it through.

Well, there's no harm hoping.