Given the shambles Gavin Williamson oversaw last summer, the latest move is perhaps unsurprising.
Students face results delay after schools and colleges told not to publish results.
No.10 has signalled a U-turn could also be on the cards in England.
No shirt signing, no proms, no GCSEs. Covid-19 put an abrupt end to school in March, meaning a generation of 16-year-olds missed out.
The government is keen for children to return to school en masse in September, to reduce the damaging effects the lockdown has had on education inequality and to allow parents to go back to work full time. Here’s what schools may look like when they welcome students back.
"Working class children often lack the appropriate attitudes that are necessary to succeed in education."
Get your head around the new grades.
With mental health problems so prevalent in UK students, and with factors other than exam results often being considered more important by employer's in selection processes, it is difficult to support the introduction of even more challenging exams to 16 year old students, who already feel so pressured at such a young age.