04/10/2012 08:56 BST | Updated 03/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Dogwoof: Good Films and Good People

I often wonder why and how large film companies work out what they think people want to see.

Clearly from what is on offer they think we all want to see endless re-runs of the same film or the same person playing the same character over and over again (maybe we do...). That's not to say there aren't some wonderful films on big release but the main glut of stuff appears to be a guaranteed sell.

I don't know about you but, although I am partial to a great romcom, I love a blockbuster and will camp out for a good comic book adaptation these films en masse are not what I 'want to see', I like variety and I like to be surprised. I also truly believe that documentary can be entertaining.

Dogwoof Films saw its 100th release in the documentary on the American timeshare billionaires the Siegles, The Queen of Versailles, a few weeks ago and last week they were nominated twice at the Dochouse & The Bertha Foundation in the Best Cinema Documentary category.

The nominations for Dreams of A Life and Bobby Fischer Against the World go some way to show the variety of the films that the company distributes, put into the mix Rob Lemkin's harrowing documentary on Cambodia The Enemies of the People and Jennifer Arnold's documentary on education in Kenya (and so much more) A Small Act, plus Steve James' The Interrupters you start to have an understanding of the variety of what this company is bringing to screens around the UK.

Dogwoof was founded in 2004 and is a film distribution company that is committed "to UK audiences is to offer the very best in world and homegrown documentaries".

Testimonials from their directors include Jenifer Arnold and Patti Lee (A Small Act) congratulate them by saying,"Thanks to Dogwoof we formed new partnerships, found new audiences and found a new partner for the film. From our UK premiere to smaller screenings."

Steve James of The Interrupters said "Dogwoof is indeed a great group with a passionate love of film. It was a real pleasure working with them and I hope to do so again."

Of course there are many companies, organisations and people who propagate great film but Dogwoof seem, so far to be fighting the good fight and putting out great film.... I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about the next 100 releases...