23/12/2013 05:12 GMT | Updated 18/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Budget Beauty Tips for Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year are party season, but if like me you've sent Santa a rather large cheque this year, you may be feeling the pinch. Here are some budget tips to try and help get you through the party season looking your absolute best.

Have you bought make-up this year that you've worn a few times and then decided you don't like it? There's a good chance your friends have too, so get together and have a make-up and skincare swapping party. Make sure products have been bought within the last 10 months as most make-up has a shelf life of 1 year, apart from mascara which should be used within 3 months. Wipe the top of any lipsticks and sharpen any pencils before use. You could end up with a fab new lippy for your night out.

When it comes to getting ready for a night out on a budget I always recommend YouTube. Yes it's nice to have your hair and make-up done by a professional, but learning to do it yourself will not only give you a sense of achievement, but save you a few quid. For make-up I recommend Pixiwoo and for hair, Luxy Hair.

Thick skin on your feet can cause a lot of pain, particularly when wearing heels. To remove hard skin from the feet I use a ped egg, then slather my feet in a foot moisturiser - but you can also use olive oil. These eggs are a great investment as they last absolutely ages before the blades need replacing.

For shinier, tangle free hair use a vinegar rinse. Vinegar helps to smooth down the cuticle of the hair, removes build up and also restores the scalps natural PH which can help with an itchy scalp. Wash, condition and rinse your hair then mix roughly a ½ cup of cider vinegar with a pint of water and pour all over the hair as a final rinse. Make a larger mixture for long or thick hair. Once your hair is dry the smell of vinegar will disappear. Do this twice a week for best results. If your hair feels a little dry, reduce the amount of vinegar in your mixture.

Fancy a gentle and natural fruit peel? Get a papaya, peel the skin leaving on a little flesh and rub over clean skin; it will feel tingly as it dissolves all the dead skin. Remove by rinsing with plenty of cool water after 5 minutes.

Wearing a sleeveless number? Don't suffer dull skin. Get out the shimmer moisturisers or the glitter sprays; these will instantly lift the skin. One of the brilliant things about Christmas is the ability to get away with being a glitter queen!

Want a quick, cheap and easy way to temporarily tighten the skin? Use an egg white. Separate the yolk and whip up the egg white until you have soft peaks, exfoliate your skin and apply the egg white for 15 minutes. Rinse and moisturise. You can also add a tablespoon of honey for a more nourishing masque but resist the temptation to eat it!

Don't fret over your roots. Apply an eyeshadow that matches your hair colour to your parting and spray with a little hair spray; this can keep you going until you get a chance for a touch up.

Swap talents. When my friends need their make-up doing or some false eye lashes applied they come to me; my bestie does fabulous nails and I have another friend that straightens my hair to perfection. Use each other's talents, get ready together, swap ideas. Just start a little earlier, if you're like my friends and me; the nattering will slow you down considerably (as will the flowing of wine).

Did you receive a load of creams and smellies last year that are still sitting unopened? Get them out, start pampering yourself, slather yourself in some yummy smelling body lotion, and massage your feet. My 5 year old Lily loves to massage cream in to people's hands; why not assign a pot to your children and let them pamper you?

Lastly, decide on a beauty New Year's Resolution. Mine last year was to take better care of my hair and this year my hair is so much softer, stronger and healthier. If you haven't thought of anything yet then keep an eye out for my next blog which may give you some ideas.