19/09/2014 08:33 BST | Updated 18/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Do You Have a Bitchy, Resting Face?


My name is Amanda Elias, and I have a bitchy resting face!

I'm in my early 30's and this is only something I have recently become aware of. Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger mentioned recently about being conscious of your resting face which got me thinking more about how my face naturally rests.

I lived in London in my 20's and quite often had comments such as "smile, it may never happen" or "cheer up love" and I didn't really understand, was I meant to walk around with a continuous smile on my face?

Now I do confess I can be a little anti-social, I'm the mother that pics her children up as soon as they come out of school so that I can grab them and go and make as little eye contact as possible, gossiping at the school gates is my ideal of hell. But in the last few years I can't tell you how often I've heard comments like "you're actually really nice when you get to know you" or "I used to think you were a bit of a bitch". I've been told regularly that I'm quite intimidating and seem unfriendly but without trying to sound like I'm blowing my own horn, I'm actually quite a nice person, I don't gossip, I'll help out anyone if I can and I'm all about positivity and happiness, I'm always conscious about things I post on social media because I don't want to spread negativity.

So when I recently read about Bitchy Resting Face it all made sense, it made even more sense when I took the pictures above on the way to Ikea the other day (I was a passenger of course).I let my face rest naturally, I always naturally pout but I hadn't realised I look so miserable, it's like I'm scowling, no wonder people think I'm a bitch! In the second picture I'm not smiling, I've just made a conscious effort to lift my face a little.

In such a judgmental world where people judge us on appearance maybe this is something better to focus on, forget the latest fashion trend or make-up fad, just concentrate on not looking like a bitch!

Do you or someone you know have a Bitchy face? Let me know!