08/03/2016 10:41 GMT | Updated 09/03/2017 05:12 GMT

How to Fight Procrastination

We all have those moments where we spend more time doing the things that we probably shouldn't be doing like catching up on social media, playing games, when really we could be doing something a little more productive. We are all guilty of doing it sometimes, especially when it comes to wanting to focus on the things that we probably shouldn't, for example Netflix? Does it remind you of anyone? It definitely reminds me of me.

So when it comes to blogging and life in general, how can we beat procrastination and actually get your stuff done?

Set Reminders

When it comes to making sure I stay writing, I have to make sure that I set a variety of reminders to keep me working. The advantage of this is it helps me to stay on track, yes it might be annoying them constantly going off, however, the good thing about it, is it keeps me going. If it comes to it, you can also use motivational quotes if it really helps you, I have to admit it can keep me going when I really need it the most.

Be Accountable

When it comes to going through with what you want, for example blog posts or following your schedule you need to make sure that you hold yourself to account, what I mean by that is you don't pass the blame onto others, because it is you and only you that can actually motivate yourself to achieve something. Something that helps me is to be vocal about what I'm doing, it can really help you to et everything done but not only that it allows you to stay focused on what you're trying to achieve.

A Change Of Scenery

This really really really helps me when I'm struggling to work hard, when you change where you're sitting or even just the surroundings, sometimes you can get content with where you are and get easily distracted, so it really helps me just to change where I am, what I'm doing and my focus changes. Another thing that can really help me is to workout during writing sessions, it really helps me to refocus on what I'm doing!

Try To Create Everyday

Creativity is something we can give back to the world, we can share out thoughts, fears, dreams, achievements, everything, it's a chance to share your talents with the world. It can be anything from art, photography, videos, writing, books, music, anything that helps your creative flare!

Don't Watch The TV

The TV as much as you might think it is a good motivator, I am not joking when I say it can be one of the biggest sources of procrastination ever. I have to admit you might think that it is something that will motivate you and keep you going, but beat that procrastination by turning the TV and just write write write.

Write In Time Blocks

This is so important because there is so much thing as doing too much because in all honesty if you're doing too much then it is just as bad as procrastinating, because you're fuelling that procrastination. By scheduling, you can enable yourself to keep going, but also it will help to beat the procrastination.

Create A Playlist

I find this so helpful, if you have a certain type of song that motivates you to get through your to do list, create a playlist that gets you moving. Use whatever helps you, get in the mood and go with the flow of your writing system, you can do this!

Take Time For You

When you're struggling with procrastination, sometimes it can be because you're working too much and you're not having enough time to yourself. Everyone at some point needs time to themselves, they need time to take a step back and just have a day were you do something for you!

Turn Off Social Media

We are all guilty of checking social media too much, but not only that if you're a blgoger, social media is ridiculously important to you, so what I do when I'm struggling to write a blog post I have some fab tips for you. What I do is I turn off all of my social media on my laptop, I put my phone somewhere where it is going to take time for me to get it back and just concentrate on the writing!

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