15/08/2014 13:01 BST | Updated 15/10/2014 06:59 BST

Living in an Ebola Crisis - 'I'm Just Missing Watching Everton and Doing My Job'

Ebola has caused death and destruction in my region, but after months of living through the crisis, I just want to get back to normal life.

My beloved Everton play their first game of the Premiership season tomorrow. But I will not be able to watch the game this season because the Government has banned all public gatherings until further notice, meaning that no cinema will be showing football games.

I respect the law - we are dealing with the loss of lives at an alarming rate, with innocent people dying every day (God help Sierra Leone through this Ebola Crisis). Containing this crisis effectively is of course more important than hobbies.

But 90% of us Sierra Leonean youths are obsessed with soccer; some love football even more than their fiancé(e) and it's getting really frustrating for people to have their favourite activities taken away from them whilst our country is at a standstill.

For me, my worst nightmare is when Everton are playing and I am not able to watch. I haven't watched an Everton match since May 3rd 2014, when we lost to Man City 3-2, a thrilling defeat that didn't upset me too much - our 5th position was already assured and the result prevented Liverpool (aka Liverfools or The Redshits) from winning the title.

I wish the National Television Station SLBC would consider showing some of the Premier League matches so we would at least be able to watch from our homes - this would be one way of reducing public gatherings and avoiding contagion.

My work has also suffered. My parents are so concerned about my security and are not in favour of me going out to do my job for the West African Medical Missions (WAMM), which I really love.

I have tried explaining my motivations to them but they seem not to understand me because of the media misinformation about Ebola, so I have no option but to stick to what they ask of me just to make them happy.

I've remained available to do any work behind the scenes, or work that I can do from home, but I really miss getting out and about and supporting my colleagues.

I really miss my WAMM family. I really miss my Everton family. I hope to see you as soon as the situation has improved.