The situation in Democratic Republic of Congo has been described as of "international concern".
Late on Sunday, a man was taken to a treatment centre. This is the first time the virus has reached the city, described as the “door” to the rest of the world. The World Health Organisation will be convening an emergency committee to assess if this should be declared a “global emergency”.
"This shows that there is life after Ebola."
I do this in protest against this NHS policy and in support of the principles of global justice, solidarity, and human rights
The challenges facing the World Health Organisation are patently immense - is it up to the job?
oday, 3.8million people in the region need humanitarian assistance, including 2.3million children
If the disease spreads further, committee members may reconsider whether to declare an international emergency.
Experts say the current situation is alarming because of a higher risk of transmission.
A city in the Democratic Republic of Congo that’s home to over 1 million people is now at risk.
There have been 32 probable and suspected cases of the deadly haemorrhagic fever reported since April 4.