01/07/2013 09:00 BST | Updated 30/08/2013 06:12 BST

Love Alive in Art: An Open Mind, an Open Heart


In this series of articles, international artist Ana Tzarev explores representations of love within art. This article discusses the intersections of art and the love of learning.

Ana's Thought: "Great Art is unlimited in its expression - it is from the infinite bounty of Knowledge and Wisdom."

My whole life has been defined by a tremendous hunger for Knowledge. In my youth, no obstacle could prevent me from pursuing the education I longed for. Dreams of new discoveries, so vibrant and full of promise, danced before my eyes. Without this drive - and without the allure of the unfamiliar to draw me on - I would never have become the artist I am today.


Detail from Ana Tzarev's Serving Lesson.

I have witnessed the passing down of Wisdom in every culture I have studied. My Art of Japan collection features several scenes of geishas and their students sharing sweet treasures of Wisdom, gifts across generations. The love and respect for Knowledge they possess ensures that the grace of such elegant traditions, their divine art, will never fade into the mist of forgetting.

A praise of Knowledge has been woven taut into human existence, found in myths and legends the world over and giving our art its most radiant hues.


Scene from the Ramayana.

For centuries, countless people have turned to the Ramayana for inspiration. This collection of poetic verses, among India's most sacred texts, holds within it an epic tale full of lessons for the spirit and guidance for everyday living. The Knowledge bound in the Ramayana provides for its readers is a beautiful offering, a gem both unique to its culture and worthwhile to all. As its messages resonate over the boundaries of time and nations, it leaves behind a trail of new creation - cinema, sculpture, paintings, and poetry to sustain its legacy.


Sculpture of the goddess Athena.

In Greek tradition, Knowledge is highly revered - philosophy, in fact, translates into love of Wisdom, and a Philomath was what they named lovers of learning! Among the most powerful of Greek deities was Athena, who was known as the goddess of Wisdom, inspiration, and the arts. Her followers were blessed with all they needed to create magnificent works to last through the ages.

Knowledge offers to us unending inspiration - to be truly original, your mind and soul must remain open. But it is motivation that brings Wisdom into our lives! The earth, in her infinite glory, glistens with the promise of rare gems of insight. Those who wait idly to receive them will never know their rich luster. You must be willing to dig for them - through hard work, the treasures of Knowledge will be yours. You possess within all the tools you need to uncover wonders beyond your imagination. With a love of learning to guide you, what kind of treasure will you discover?