22/07/2013 09:14 BST | Updated 20/09/2013 06:12 BST

Love Alive in Art: Sparks of Genius in the Marriage of Science and Art


Ana's Thought: "Art Quenches the thirst for the knowledge of unknown."


On 6 August, the latest blossom in the worldwide Love & Peace Campaign will be unveiled, making its debut at Singapore's ArtScience Museum. This remarkable institution explores the many intersections of two realms often viewed as utter opposites. As history proves, such could not be further from the truth!

For centuries, scientific progress has strengthened artistic technique, just as art has enabled science to speak beyond tangles of data. When science and art converge, the results are illuminating. Their dance of discovery, with interweaving steps of trial, error, and success, brings enlightenment to the world's culture.


Those who doubt the connected nature of science and art need not look further than the fantastic work of Leonardo da Vinci. A man whose curiosity with the ways of the universe saw no limits, da Vinci poured his heart into both fields completely. His thirst for learning was beyond compare, with countless paintings, sketches, designs, inventions, and compositions in his legacy. Da Vinci's inquisitive mind and incredible skill made him a master of his day and a legend to all time. Equal parts scientist and artist, his passion defied the limitations of categorization.


The name Galileo is emblazoned in history's shining halls, a guiding light in the pursuit of wisdom. He was famed for revelations in astronomy, mathematics, and physics, a noble scholar who stood with firm conviction beside his beliefs. Though he is held in a place of reverence for his role in the growth of science, art was a notable player in his story: Galileo was a student of fine art, eventually coming to serve as an instructor at Florence's famed Accademia delle Arti del Disegno. His studies of the moon were a point of inspiration for the painter Cigoli, who became a close friend. Galileo's appreciation of both aesthetics and logic capture art and science in harmonious balance, not at odds.

Our modern era is brought to life by sparks of genius born of the marriage of science and art. My own work could never reach across the vastness of the globe without both working in tandem. Technology is what allows my Love & Peace poppies to show their bright faces to the world. Technical skill and careful craft transformed them from scale models in clay to immense flowers in glistening fiberglass and bronze. Science is the secret to what strengthens them before nature's elements and lets them shine. It is the force that allows the sculptures' message to be shared, as images of their joyous forms are instantly transmitted across borders and into welcoming hearts.


When science and art collide, a sea of possibilities opens before us. To uncover such wonders, you must become a creative adventurer. Be dedicated and curious. Let your imagination be your compass and, courage, your constant companion!