The UK is not the only country trying to adapt to life alongside coronavirus.
Nigel Skea's lawyer said it was a "classic tale" of two lovers wanting to be together – but breaking the law.
Singapore suffered just 28 deaths. By comparison, the situation in the UK is dire, writes Melissa Jacobs.
Jonathan Mok was told ‘I don’t want your coronavirus in my country’ as he was attacked on Oxford Street.
Gemma Quinn says her holiday of a lifetime has turned into 'a living nightmare.'
Authorities seized 8.8 tonnes of elephant ivory in the city-state, which conservation groups consider a transit point for the illegal wildlife trade. The ivory, which came from nearly 300 African elephants and was worth an estimated £10.4 million, was on its way to Vietnam. The haul also contained 11.9 tonnes of pangolin scales, the third major seizure in Singapore this year alone.
Singapore, Indonesia and China have all taken action so far.
The billionaire says it is nothing to do with tax.
The two leaders will meet at the end of February following their landmark summit in Singapore last June.