08/05/2015 13:10 BST | Updated 08/05/2016 06:59 BST

The Five Commandments of Maternity Fashion

What is it about being pregnant that makes some once stylish women covet (or should I say crave) smocks, leggings and at worst, their boyfriend's trackies?

It's as though as soon as that positive blue line shows up on the pregnancy test, a switch flicks and they're right back to those awkward teenage years when they thought perms, fringe t-shirts with those garish beads at the bottom, and shell suits were cool. But they weren't, were they? Not at all.

You may call me shallow and argue that when a woman is pregnant, it's more about how her baby is developing than the way she looks and yes to some extent I agree.

But with hormones raging and that smidgen of self-doubt that comes with your changing figure, it makes you feel good when you look nice.

So, what's a pregnant gal to do? Welcome to the five commandments of maternity fashion...

Thou shalt accept defeat and buy a pair of maternity jeans

Ahhh, the maternity jean journey. You squeeze into your normal jeans for as long as you can and then resort to the elastic band around the button just to make them last the teeny bit longer.

However, I knew it was time to admit defeat when mine were so tight I couldn't sit down without yelping - cue panic that there was something wrong and me having to sheepishly explain that it was just the jeans.

So I braved the maternity denim range and found that those jeans with the big elastic panels down the side - the ones that make you look like an elastic covered mummy - were the most comfortable pair in the world.

In fact I'm not ashamed to admit that I still roll them out when the local buffet calls!

Thou shalt channel trends and not tents

Did you see Cara Delevingne strutting her stuff down the catwalk in a tent? No, nor did I - because thankfully this is a trend that never happened - I wish the same could have been said about crocs.

What I'm trying to say is take note of this when you're dressing for your bump and avoid buying mainstream clothes four sizes up because they seem cheaper than maternity ranges. Instead show off your gorgeous new figure.

Got a cleavage to rival Holly Willoughby's? Pick a V-neck maternity top which will accentuate this. Getting a bottom better than Kim Kardashian's? Opt for a maternity dress that will clinch at the waist and skim over your booty.

Though shalt always carry around a fab pair of flats

I can tell you from experience this is a must-have mantra for any woman in the later stages of pregnancy and post birth. After-all - and get ready for the science bit - your limbs and muscles loosen when you're pregnant meaning you're more likely to trip and really hurt yourself.

Kate Middleton may have shown off her beige heels just after giving birth but I'd much rather have my flats.

In fact, channelling the heels and forgetting the flats at seven months pregnant made for an interesting journey home on the tube in Primark's finest slippers... but that's another story for another time.

Thou shalt know that maternity bras and knickers can be glam not granny

Just because your boobs are getting bigger and your bump's growing you don't have to lose your lingerie lovelies.

Just buy them in maternity form instead!

You can also buy gorgeous underwear sets, which are perfect for making you feel great - how much better do we feel when we know our bra matches our knickers?

And your briefs don't have to be Bridget Jones style either, as long as you're not suffering from piles you can still wear those thongs - just make sure they're cotton and a size bigger. Chaffing - need I say more.

Thou shalt not be embarrassed to beg, borrow or steal...

All things I decided to do - well maybe not the last one (honest guv). I sniffed out those friends who had just become mums - via Facebook sometimes - and begged them to let me have their maternity clothes.

After-all it wasn't like they were going to need them. And when it came to my friend's wedding I hired a gorgeous maternity frock (designer don't you know) from a store that catered specially for maternity wear.

What did I do with all the money I saved, I hear you ask?

I got my hair done. Well if it's good enough for Kate Middleton...