24/06/2016 11:01 BST | Updated 24/06/2017 06:12 BST

Are You Living in the 'Someday Aisle'?

There are only two main drivers of human behaviour; reward and pain. The question for you quickly becomes this; what do you want more?

There are only two main drivers of human behaviour; reward and pain. The question for you quickly becomes this; what do you want more?

To suffer and be in pain because you're too afraid to go after what you want, or would you rather get out there, do everything you can do get what you want and get the reward of happiness in the end?

I know which one I'm after. Do you?

Do you really think staying the way you are right now is good for you?

Do you really think that doing nothing about your health and your body is something that's going to make you happy?

Come on, think about this for a second; who has better skin, more energy, even better looks? Who looks happier? Who has the better outlook on life?

You already know this; it's those people that are making a conscious effort to improve their health and their bodies. Now, I know you're probably reading this and thinking; easy for him to say, he's in shape. Right?

So let's make a point about that; you do NOT have to be in tip top shape to have all theses things. You do NOT have to be in tip top shape to get the reward from it. You just need to be making a conscious effort to improve your health and your life.

You just need to stop living in the 'someday aisle'.

Simples right? Right.

Ok, so let's talk a little about what motivates you to do this in the first place.



Why do you do anything in life?

It's to get better, right? It's to improve, right?

Ok, then let me ask you this then; why is it that you take up a new 'healthy living' routing you start with and end date in mind? Seriously, I can't tell you the number of people who've come into my bootcamp on a promotion, only to stop after the 14 days or after the 21 days because they feel they've done enough.

Are you joking me? Being healthy is just like making more money.

If you want a million bucks in your bank account you need to keep chipping away making deposits each and every day for a long time. That's fair enough, right?

Why then, is it not ok to make these same daily deposits on your health for a long time?

Wanna know why you stop or why you've failed in the past?

That's easy; you didn't want it bad enough.

Ever heard of Eric Thomas? I love him. Just this morning I bought his audio book. Pumped.

Anyway, he famously said you've got to want it badder than you want to breath. Maybe you don't need to want it that badly, but you get the point, right?

You need to commit to yourself and make some sacrifices. Remember, the reward in the end will always, always, always outweigh that short term feel good feeling.

Why did you reach for that junk food last night? Don't deny it, I already know that it happened. You did it because you haven't figured out what motivates you and what keeps your determined to succeed.

How about next time you try something like this. Instead of mindlessly reaching for some chocolate or some cake, stop, think for a moment and ask yourself is this going to make me happy tomorrow? Or even five minutes from now.

We both know the answer is gonna be a resounding no.

Come on, what's going on? Can't you just commit to yourself?

I believe you can. But you need to believe in yourself.

You'll do that for me. Won't you?

Don't live on 'someday aisle'. Do something today.

Committed to You

Andrew Beatty