19/06/2017 07:58 BST | Updated 19/06/2017 07:58 BST

Why Dieting Makes You Fatter

Andrew, I can't do this anymore...I hate dieting. It's just so hard. Why don't you find it this hard?

  • I'm hungry all the time
  • I'm tired
  • I'm cranky
  • I've got mad cravings
  • I'm not myself
  • I can't stop thinking about food

And despite all that I just can't lose weight...

I feel like I'm just supposed to be fat...


Before this call turned into a counselling session, I quickly got to the bottom of it all; Lisa was eating about 700 calories per day, no carbs, and eating those 700 calories over five meals..

So, let's break that down real quick... she gets 140 calories per meal. Yep, a whopping 140. Now, let's make sense of that for you... a tablespoon of coconut oil is 100 calories, a piece of fruit is about the same, so she pretty much got to eat nothing ever.

Think you could keep this up?

I doubt it.

And even if you could, when you eventually got to the body you've been after, you'd have to revert back to something more sustainable at which point your metabolism has been so damaged that you're pretty much guaranteed to rebound weight gain worse than you ever thought imaginable.

Listen, 'dieting' really shouldn't be that hard. You shouldn't be hungry. Your body shouldn't be deprived. You shouldn't have mad cravings. You shouldn't hate every minute of it. You SHOULD be seeing results.


Here's why...

I want you to think of a fire in your fireplace; if you put a small amount of fuel into it, what happens?

Small flame, right?

Which pretty much means it doesn't burn a lot of fuel

Now, let's think of your body the same way. You've got a flame inside your body called your metabolism. Now think about that flame just like the one you've just lit in your fireplace.

If you only put a small amount of fuel into it, what's going to happen?

Well, it won't burn brightly. Meaning it won't burn a lot of fuel. And fuel in your case is?

Calories of course.

And when we don't burn calories, we don't lose weight and we don't burn belly fat.

That makes sense right?

So, although counterintuitively, we need to put more fuel into the fire for it to burn brightly and when you do that your body will...

  1. Lose weight effortlessly
  2. Ooze energy
  3. Never feel hungry
  4. Never feel deprived
  5. Rarely have cravings

And best of all? You'll finally be able to stop being so focused on your 'diet' that it completely consumes your life..

But wait... you thought it was that simple, did you?

Well, thanks to all the fad diets you've done over the years, your body will need a little bit of coaxing first. Why?


I like to think of this as the weight loss Catch 22..

When you deprive your body for so long it stresses out and so your fat storing hormones are going to be on high alert. Which pretty much means, no matter what you eat it's almost guaranteed to be stored as belly fat... yep, veggies included.

I'm exaggerating for effect here but the point is still relevant. So basically, weight loss for you is going to look a little something like this...

Heads, I win

Tails, You lose

So, what are you telling me Andrew?

It sounds like if I eat I'll get fat and if I don't eat I'll get fat

Our job is to slowly put more fuel into your fire, because when we do your body's metabolism will start to reboot and rebuild. Which pretty much means it will allow your fat burning hormones to work, while your fat storing hormones shut off

The answer is always to eat more, more of the right things, but certainly more. Of course there is a limit, and we'll teach you that later, but the main thing for you to focus on is this....

Your body is ridiculously intelligent.

Much like a high performance car... you get what you pay for, right? The car that costs more money drives better, faster, smoother, it's more reliable.

The cheaper car? Well, you know the difference.

Let me ask you a question?

Is there any reason for your body to be any different?

Put enough fuel, the right fuel, into it and it will 100% reward you.

That is when weight loss becomes effortless. That is when you stop feeling like you're dieting. That is when you finally stop the yo-yo dieting, up and down for years and years on end.

That is when food becomes your friend again, rather than your enemy

That is when you stop thinking of yourself as fat and start thinking of yourself as one hot chica.

You truly deserve to be happy and to feel incredible in your own skin. You truly deserve that. So, I urge you to let go of everything you think you know about losing weight and adopt this one principle I just told you...

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Andrew Beatty

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