23/11/2016 07:26 GMT | Updated 24/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Are You Suffering From Trump Anxiety?

Trump Anxiety is a real thing.

Even before Trump's win, therapists in the USA have been reporting Trump Anxiety in their clients.

According to the Guardian, Obama is touring Europe as a surrogate therapist,a calming voice amongst anxious world leaders.

Modern Anxiety comes in many forms. It stretches from the home front all the way to the world of politics. When anxiety is close to home the unhelpful environment usually consists of worrying thoughts and uncomfortable physical feelings. When we worry about world issues it is the persistent modern media that creates the atmosphere of powerlessness that can overload the psyche.

It is tempting to reach for our Mindfulness App and cut ourselves off from what is going on.

But is putting our head in the sand in order to avoid being stressed and upset about world politics the correct response?

Information overload is the main cause of anxiety and being able to switch it off is the key. But before we switch off we have to be sure that it is safe or indeed morally right to do so. We have to believe that not letting anxious thoughts dominate is the socially responsible thing to do. With the advent of "Post Truth", Brexit and Trump it is debatable whether we really want to switch off.

Should we let Mindfulness relax us or should we be 'mindful' of world events? Finding the right balance between being politically involved and letting some of it go is not an easy line to tread.

So maybe Trump Anxiety is something we have to go through, at least for now.