24/06/2013 09:25 BST | Updated 22/08/2013 06:12 BST

Phineas and Ferb Interview With Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh at E3 2013

On the last day of E3 I had some free time, so I said to myself, "I know what I'm going to do today" and so I spoke with the co-creators of Disney's Phineas and Ferb.


So over to Dan and Swampy, but where's Perry?:

I have to say a really big thank you to Dan and Swampy for taking the time to talk to me, and for the very cool drawings they did for me - these guys are the best!

Watch Major Monogram showcase the latest in automotive technology as he features the boys' newest ride, the A.T.T. (All-Terrain Transformatron). The upgradeable, ultra-cool amphibious A.T.T. is equipped with wall-scaling pincers, indestructible drills, and customizable colors. It's a fun, out-of-this-world treasure-hunting adventure as the inventive stepbrothers enjoy their last week of summer. Meanwhile, Perry the Platypus, aka crime-fighting Agent P, isn't fooled by competitors like Dr. Doofenshmirtz who plans on unleashing his evil horde of robot-inators to get rid of cool stuff in the Tri-State Area.


Based on the top-rated Emmy Award-winning hit series, Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff is expected to release on the Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS this August.