02/04/2013 11:53 BST | Updated 01/06/2013 06:12 BST

UK: BNP Kills Anti-UKIP Meme, Tories to Panic?

In a sensational development the British National Party (the UK's neo-Nazi-alike to Greece's Golden Dawn) has denounced the United Kingdom Independence Party as tools of the Jews, sorry Zionists. In this one move the BNP has taken away a major line of attack against UKIP for the UK's Conservative Party and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The BNP were quite adamant about UKIP's intentions according to The Commentator

"In an article posted on the hard-left nationalist BNP website, the party warns, "UKIP have sold-out to the Zionist lobby..."

David Cameron and his Conservative Party Chairman will be most upset by this development as they have been chief in pushing the BNP in suits meme to slur UKIP. In fact UKIP are still demanding an apology for Cameron's outburst that can be heard here which he has repeated several times. .

"UKIP 'A Bunch Of Fruitcakes, Loonies And Closet Racists."

Of course considering the rapid rise in the polls, with UKIP now the third biggest party in Britain and rising, the PM should be worried. However the Prime Minister should be wary of suggesting 17% of the population who support UKIP, according latest polling, are nuts.

There must be a great deal of worry for Conservatives as UKIP continues to make inroads all over the UK in local by-elections. While it still remains uncertain to whom the votes will go, the Prime Minister is bracing his troops for huge losses in this May's local elections expecting to 500 seats.

Further out many expect UKIP, if they continue on current form, to win the Euro elections in May 2014. It is not just UKIP suggesting that but Tory MPs themselves according to the Telegraph.

"The Tories didn't think that Farage was promoting a deluded line at all, but that the UKIP threat was a genuine worry. One expressed his fear that UKIP would be extremely well funded, having secured Stuart Wheeler, who once gave £5 million to the Conservatives, as their treasurer."

Without their favorite slur to malign UKIP with in the lead up to the local elections what will the Conservatives due to counter the threat of UKIP?