02/05/2016 14:26 BST | Updated 30/04/2017 06:12 BST

"She's Had a Poo" - 64 Funny Quotes During a Self-Catering Holiday To Cornwall With Your Wife and Toddler

A knackered Daddy, a stressed Mummy and a 2-year-old-tantrum-throwing-daughter all look forward to their short break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Bags are crammed in to their family car - Daddy has been ready to depart for hours and waits patiently for Mummy to get a grip. What awaits them (after a 7-hour drive), are the delights, beauty and solitude of a break away to the gorgeous Cornish countryside.

Or so they thought...

What you will now read are a colourful selection of quotes from all three of the humans during their epic trip away.

In no particular order:

1. "Where's her wipes"?

2. You need to get back in to your buggy now!

3. Wipe her nose

4. Mummy or Daddy is gonna have to carry you now

5. You need to hold Mummy or Daddy's hand

6. Walk

7. Noooo Nooo Nooo Nooooooo


8. Your turn

9. Snack

10. More

11. Where's her bag?

12. Where's her drink?

13. Cake

14. More

15. You got any change for the parking?

16. I'm just poppin' in to that cute shop

17. It's f*****g cold

18. Where's her wipes?

19. Do you want yer drink now?

20. YOU can carry her now

21. My back's gone

22. Where are we?

23. Today was all a blur


24. Where's her wipes?

25. I'm shattered

26. Where's her bag?

27. Snack

28. More

29. You need to hold Mummy or Daddy's hand

30. Can YOU put her in the car this time

31. No! We're going this way, now

32. Here, have some drink

33. Nooo Noo Noooo Nooooo

34. You wanna get out and walk?

35. Don't run

36. Cake

37. More

38. Where's her wipes?

39. Dinner (At lunch time.)

40. Lunch (At breakfast time.)

41. Breakfast (At dinner time.)

42. You got any change for the parking?

43. Look at mummy for the photo

44. Look where you're going

45. Can't believe how windy it is; you wouldn't think it's nearly Summer

46. Look at the cows

47. You need to hold Mummy or Daddy's hand

48. Where's her bag?

49. Have you got any cash on you?

50. She is so cute

51. She's a f*****g nightmare

52. We're going back to the car now

53. You need to get back in to your buggy now

54. Where's her wipes?

55. Don't run

56. This is knackering

57. Look at the sheep

58. She's had a poo

59. Your turn

60. No! You've just had lunch!

61. I'll cook, you can get her ready for bed

62. I'm freezing

63. I swear this is more exhausting than work



[Yes -- We Did Have A Great Time, Seeing Fantastic Scenery Like This]