(VIDEO) MediaCom CEO: Programmatic Spurs Ad Creativity

(VIDEO) MediaCom CEO: Programmatic Spurs Ad Creativity

CANNES, France -- Some may characterize the rise of so-called "programmatic" online ad trading and control techniques as the transition of Mad Men into "maths men" - but one agency boss thinks the technologies can spur creativity by liberating staff from "drudge".

"I don't think anyone signs up for our industry to be staring at an Excel spreadsheet. moving click-through analysis rates from one cell to another," MediaCom Worldwide CEO Stephen Allan tells Beet.TV. "They actually want to add something, bring creativity, bring innovation to a client's business.

"The more we can redeploy people toward making a difference rather than just being spreadsheet analysts - that's a win-win for everyone. If we can use technology to take out the drudge and the mundane, I'm all for using it."

He spoke with Beet.TV during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Please find more coverage of the festival here.

Producer's Note: This video and several others were recorded at the MediaCom rooftop suite at the Martinez Hotel. Thanks to the MediaCom crew for hosting us.

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