Reusable Nappies - The Perfect Choice For The Modern Family

12/05/2017 11:30 BST | Updated 12/05/2017 11:30 BST

Every parent I speak to wants the best for their baby, I mean, that's human instinct right? Then surely every modern parent knows about why reusable nappies are the perfect choice? I wish they did, but it seems to be jolly hard getting the message out there.

"Reusable Nappies? What? You mean like, those big towing things with pins in like my mum used to use?"

My friends say to me all the time! No, no, I do not mean that at all! I mean the cute tiny all in one and fitted nappies, the perfect nappy for the modern baby!

An all in one nappy is pre-shaped, which to most people would look kinda like a disposable. They come in a huge variety of styles, colours and prints. These nappies do not need a separate waterproof wrap as it is included as part of the nappy. You can even get them in "one size fits most" so they go really tiny for about an 11lb baby, up until potty training simply by adjusting with poppers up the front. And you can get super cute new born sized nappies for those first few months with your new squish!


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A fitted nappy is different in that the absorbent part and the waterproof part are totally separate. You simply put the absorbent part of the nappy on baby, which will usually fasten with Aplex, followed by a waterproof wrap which covers with nappy and fastens with Aplex or poppers.


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You can find out more about the different types of nappies available here!

"But what about the poo?!?!", I hear you cry!

What about the poo? It's nothing to worry about! Breastmilk poo is totally water soluble meaning all nappies can go straight into the wash! Firmer formula poo and sold poo from babies on solid poo can be caught in a disposable liner and you simply put it in the bin. Or some parents prefer to "sloosh" nappies in the loo to flush the poo.

Check out this from Steph who switched from single use to reusable, and her biggest question was exactly this!

"But surely I'm going to spend all my life boiling nappies?!?!"

Not at all! You'll have an extra two or three loads of washing a week. Nappies are really easy to wash, they just go in the machine with some detergent, just like washing any other item of clothing. Plus, so many parents say they have so much less washing as they don't have any "containment" issues, meaning less outfit changes for baby!

"But I heard they are just as bad for the environment as single use nappies!"

This is wrong! In 2008 the UK government carried out a lifecycle analysis of nappies which shows us that reusable nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than single use nappies! However, this analysis did not include the fact that most single use nappies go to landfill, meaning, they are actually even better!


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So, they are easy to use, really cute and they are going to help keep our planet going so our children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren still have a planet to live on. Clearly the best choice for the modern family!

Check out my latest YouTube video explaining exactly why I campaign for reusable nappies.

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