The 10 Best Ways to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

If you don't want to go full va-va-voom you can always relax in a more casual number, and besides, when you get home you can simply sidle between the sheets when you head for slumber city, what's not there to love?

There's nothing quite as luxurious as lingerie...or even bed wear for that matter.

Whether it's a pair of silky pyjamas or a little lacy negligee, you can be sure to feel comfortable whilst glamour never takes a holiday!

The word Lingerie originated from the French, pronounced "linge" meaning "linen" and was not frequently spoken until the late 1850's. A soft linen was popular during the Middle Ages and were worn by nobility for the sheer function of modesty, hygiene and keeping warm, but all that changed with the ever changing silhouettes of the 20th century.

Wearing underwear as outerwear has never been hotter now, with catwalks worldwide celebrating this normally hidden garment.

If you don't want to go full va-va-voom you can always relax in a more casual number,

And besides, when you get home you can simply sidle between the sheets when you head for slumber city, what's not there to love?

Here are my top 10....

1-The Strap Basque

If you like uplift, support with straps aplenty, then try Nichole De Carle or Coco De Mer. Wearing black strap lingerie means business, whether in silk or leather, is a place where science and art break even.This piece is from Nichole's Black Label Onyx collection.

Team it with; High-waisted black trousers or dark mini skirt

Ⓒ Lia B Photography

2-The Soiree bra!

The French revel in luxury, and started taking lingerie seriously in it's Belle Epoque era. Followed by the early century uprise of silent movies, then the twenties flappers glamour, it has always been held high in their regard.

Investing in good underwear is an ingrained necessity of their life, so a soiree bra i.e a bra to party in, is no exception! This one is made of the lightest silk pleats and gives a lot of uplift so no chicken fillets needed, perfect for any soiree!

Team it with; a luxury cashmere cardigan or a see-through shirt (oh la la!)

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It isn't all about the money honey! Often a simple body suit is a staple classic with an air of sophistication- it orginates from the 80's and 90's, and has taken a huge following in recent years. It can also fit into almost anyone's budget. Pass me the Bollinger would you, sweetie?

Team it with; a wrap pencil skirt and huge diamond earrings.

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4-Silk Pyjamas

O.K so not technically underwear but some people just want to be comfortable, O.K! If slipping on your p.j's, reading a delicious book and cosying up in front of the fire is your idea of heaven (here, here!) then this silky number is your calling card. They make an excellent outfit for attending a cocktail party or entertaining at home. I wore mine out for National Pyjama Day- yes, there is such a thing!

Team it with; Heels and tons of bangles!

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5- The Waspie Suspender

A waspie suspender number is function at it's very best. Holding the stockings up, accentuating the waist to give the allure of an innocent flower whilst the wonderbra style cups give the game away! Try delicate pastels for the ultimate in femininity.

Team it with; A demure pencil skirt to the knee for that saucy secretary look.

Ⓒ Lia B Photography

6-A corset

Corsets are often known for their vintage burlesque style and the corset is the first lingerie to be worn as outwear- the first being in the 16th century.

In the Victorian times they were fitted with whalebone busks, and at exclusive balls could be presented to a suitor as a prize if he was interested in a female.

In modern days, a corset bustier goes well for any lover of a coiffed roll or a red lipstick!

Dita Von Teese wears them so well and even indulges in an 18th century practice of waist training to get hers down to a 20-inch waist. But if you just want to dabble, there are many boutiques which do a less severe type, hugging the curves in all the right places whilst still being able to eat that delicious cheesecake.

Team it with; a slick pencil skirt and some 'bitch' glasses.

© Elisanth |

7-The Swimming Costume

Who needs to go in the water when you can simply sparkle in a beautiful swimsuit? Once used as a necessary bathing costume to cover one's modesty, the swimsuit has evolved to a centrepiece and has a whole list of names including one Piece, monkini, bikini, tankini and even Burquini. Try see-through mesh sides or a sequin detail, and you will dazzle wherever you go.

Team it with; High-waisted shorts and heels for a glamorous night out.

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8-The Lace Dressing Gown

Lace dates back to 3000BC in Egypt and was the first woven silk threads (instead of cotton). The word lace is from middle english and means to entice or ensnare.

For a current lace look, a long wrap over is a perfect match. You can also wear a fancy bodysuit underneath and team it with heels. it's the perfect addition for any summer holiday. (pref whilst sipping a champagne cocktail on a St Tropez yacht!)

Team it with; luxurious lingerie and a bouffant blowdry

Ⓒ Eamon McCabe

9-The Big Frou-Frou Knickers

Yes, you did just hear me mention big knickers! In the last six years, Sarah Shotten, Creative director of Agent Provocateur, has seen a huge surge in larger knickers being sold and the thong has taken a back seat all the way to chaf-land. With skirts being shorter this is understandable, and even a pencil skirt looks nice pref with a flat cinched cinch knicker that lifts the derriere.

A new look is to wear underneath a slightly see through Fifties style or couture skirt, this will give the perfect hint of good girl gone bad.

Team it with; a pair of pointy Louboutins for full on glamour!

Ⓒ Eamon McCabe

10-The Nightdress

For centuries, nightwear was made like female smock or long shirt, but became more feminine in the late 18th century. In the mid 19th century, ready made night dresses began to be sold in mass productions whilst companies such as Victorias Secret pioneered the satin babydoll.

A fitted silk nightdress to wear out is perfect for holidays or to just show off your tan, and detailed straps are just too good to wear in bed!

Team it with; a belt, your favourite heels and style hair away from the face to see that fabulous neckline!

Ⓒ Eamon McCabe


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