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Do You Want to Increase Personal Effectiveness to Reach Your Goals?

Do you set goals and feel frustrated when you don't reach them?

That's what I used to do.

I was never smart with my time and never resourceful. I didn't make good use of my skills, in fact in all honesty I squandered them. I also didn't value my expertise or my energy, as I had low confidence and self - esteem.

I wasn't clear about my goals, values and priorities.

Are you?

If you aren't, how can you become personally effective?

Perhaps you are not clear on what I mean by personal effectiveness?

When I was asked the same question by my mentor years ago I responded;

'Yes, I understand, it's about reaching my goals'

He said

'I want to know if you invest your time and energy wisely so you get the best return on all your efforts? Are you crystal clear around what it is you want to achieve? Are you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, and really stretch yourself? Do you take your inventory regularly, so you can then decide what to pursue and what to let go of, and stay on track with your values and priorities, as these change?'

'Ah now I get it!' I replied.

I recommend you begin by clarifying your goals, values and priorities. You don't have to be on top of all your long term goal's, very few of my client's are and I don't expect them to. The key, however is to create a foundation of success on which to build.

Reflect upon what it is you want to achieve, in the short term at least.

Then write a list of the skills you need to acquire in order to achieve your goals. Ask yourself; what is the most efficient, simplest way to get what I want? How can I achieve my goals efficiently so I get the best return on all my efforts?

High achievers are skilled at attaining their goals, and making good use of all their resources. As they possess confidence, they value their time and energy, skills, talents and assets, and are personally effective by combining efficiency and skilled execution. They are aware if they want to master public speaking, they need to learn to be a good listener and excel in communication. If they want to be the best personal trainer, they must make their body a temple.

It was only when I boosted my confidence I could increase my personal effectiveness, as when you boost your confidence you are empowered and your attitude is different. You feel comfortable playing to your strengths. So in order to build and maintain your confidence you have to banish your inner critic and say positive things to yourself each day like;

'I am enough' ' Good things happen to me' 'I am worthy of success'

I used to always 'compare and despair'. If you do that, STOP right now. There is nothing wrong with having a role model but STOP self -punishing by beating yourself up, be kind to yourself. Become your own best friend.

MAKE IT HAPPEN. Why? - it's your time to shine.

Annie Ashdown, Author of

Doormat Nor Diva Be,

Best Seller - The Confidence Factor - 7 Secrets of Successful People,